Rubber Coated Stud Finder

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  • Product Code: MAGSTUDLSED45
  • Pull Force: 50 kgs
  • Magnet Type: Neodymium D29mm x 23mm
  • Total Base Diameter: D45mm x H25.5mm
  • Total Height: 83mm including hook
  • Hook Thread: M6
  • Direction of Magnetism: Axially magnetised thru the 25.5mm Base
  • Style: Rubber Encased pot magnet with removable threaded hook
  • Magnet Coating: Nickel ( NiCuNi  )

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Features: This rubber coated magnet is a very useful addition to any toolbox. The 50kg  breakaway strength means that it is not only useful for detecting Steel studs etc. (that are concealed behind plasterboards etc.), but can be quickly applied to temporarily hold up electrical cables/lights on site or even secure the end of a tape measure or stringline if working on your own.

Holding Pot Cross Section: Holding Pots must come into contact with the Steel Targets surface to achieve its full holding power potential (Pull Force kgs). If there is any obstruction between the magnet and the steel target, like even a thin 1.6mm plastic sheet (see image in gallery), the holding power can be greatly reduced, also the connection should be even across the entire diameter of the magnets base, avoiding high spots like weld seams, screw heads or rivets where possible.

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