Whiteboard Magnets

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  • Pack of 12 Whiteboard Magnets

    • Product Code: SUPERMAGNET
    • Base Diameter : D13mm
    • Height: 20mm
    • 7 Colours:  Red, Black, Blue, White, Yellow, Green, Orange
    • Pack Contents : 12 magnets of one colour
    • We have successfully tested these magnets holding up 12 sheets of 80 GSM A4 paper.
    • Each pack contains 12 super strong magnets to secure items to your whiteboard, fridge door etc
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  • Large Individual Super Magnets

    • Product Code: SUPERPIND19
    • Base Diameter : D19mm
    • Height: 25mm
    • 7 Colours:  Red, Black, Blue, White, Yellow, Green, Orange
    • Magnet Type : Neodymium ( Rare Earth )
    • Holding Force : 3.7 kgs
    These super strong magnets are ideal for any home or office, use them to hold up memo's, documents or even signage. You can use these colourful small magnets to enhance your work planner/organiser, or just to keep your office tidy ...the uses are endless.
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    • Product Code: METALMEMOHOLDER
    • Base Diameter: 20mm
    • Base Height: 7mm
    • Total Height: 25mm
    • Direction of Magnetism: Axially Through 7mm Height of Base
    • Pull Off Force: 14 kgs
    • Case Material: Metal - Nickel coated
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