NORTH/SOUTH – Polarity Finder

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  • Product Code: NORTH/SOUTH
  • Length: 52mm
  • Width: 25mm
  • Height: 12.5mm
  • Direction of Magnetism: Through 12.5mm Height
  • Pull Off Force: 2 kgs
  • Gauss: 800
  • Coating: Plastic Encased
  • Polarity Identifier: Green = North * Red = South
  • Magnet Type: Ferrite

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Ferrite magnets also known as ceramic magnets have a natural grey ceramic finish but this product has been permanently encased in plastic. Ferrite magnets are made from strontium carbonate and iron oxide. Because of their low production costs and resistance to high temperatures ( up to 250 Celsius ) Ferrite magnets are still used for many everyday applications. They have a much better corrosion and de-magnetisation tolerance than Rare Earth magnets, however, their magnetic force is far weaker than that of a Neodymium ( Rare Earth ) magnet.

Features:  This low cost ferrite block magnet is encased in plastic that is colour coded to indicate its magnetic poles. The green side represents the north pole and the red side represents the south pole. See the images in the gallery to understand magnetic attraction and repulsion. If you work with magnets this type of magnet is invaluable to quickly determine the poles of an unmarked magnet…any magnet !

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