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  • Magnetic Torch

    • Product Code: MAGTORCH
    • Torch Diameter : D15mm
    • Pen Compacted Length: 203mm
    • Extended pick-up Length: 605mm
    • Colours: Silver, Red, Black & Blue
    • Torch Case : Metal
    • A super strong rare earth magnetic tip will pickup a range of small steel objects like screws etc...
    • 6 bright LED lights for increased visibility is a very handy portable lighting solution.
    • Metal clip allows for easy connection to a pocket or belt.
    • Supplied with one (1) AA Battery
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  • MAGPICKUP – Mag Pick-up Pen

    • Product Code: MAGPICKUP
    • Pen Diameter : 6.35mm
    • Pen Length: 126mm
    • Extended pick-up Length: 650mm
    • Colour: Silver or Black
    • These chrome plated Telescopic Pens have a strong rare earth magnet on the end for retrieving steel objects.                                        ( See the image above of  the pen holding a heavy pair of scissors )
    • The handy pocket clip means it can be carried in the pocket just like other writing pens.
    • Can also be used as a pointer when giving a presentation.
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    • Product Code: MAGPICKUPSNAKE
    • Material: Tough plastic handle with articulating metal body
    • Magnet Type: Rare Earth rod fitted on the end of metal body ( in the gold fitting )
    • Magnetic Tip Base Diameter: 8mm
    • Total Length: 810mm including handle
    • Operation: Can be bent into many different angles
    • Tool Weight: 115 grams
    This handy tool is welcome addition to any workshop, the articulating metal body can be formed into many different angles to access a dropped steel bolt or screw that has landed in a very awkward spot. The magnetic tip can be directed around obstructions to retrieve that small steel part that was otherwise inaccessible by normal means.
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    • Product Code: MAGPICKUPTOOL
    • Material: Tough plastic body with rubber coated metal handle
    • Pull Force:  7 kgs
    • Magnet Type: Ferrite ring ( x 2 )  D70 x iD32 x 10
    • Round Base Diameter: 89mm
    • Total Height: 210mm including handle
    • Operation: Easy to use, pull handle up to quickly release magnetic hold
    • Tool Weight: 645 grams
    The magnetic pick up tool has a hard plastic body with an internal magnetic system. It’s an ideal tool for picking up steel targets. The tool can collect fiddly steel parts such as screws, nails, rivets etc. and then quickly release them. The pickup tool can also be used to separate steel objects from other non ferrous materials.
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