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  • Magnetic Torch

    • Product Code: MAGTORCH
    • Torch Diameter : D15mm
    • Pen Compacted Length: 203mm
    • Extended pick-up Length: 605mm
    • Colours: Silver, Red, Black & Blue
    • Torch Case : Metal
    • A super strong rare earth magnetic tip will pickup a range of small steel objects like screws etc...
    • 6 bright LED lights for increased visibility is a very handy portable lighting solution.
    • Metal clip allows for easy connection to a pocket or belt.
    • Supplied with one (1) AA Battery
    $14.00 INC GST Select options
  • MAGPICKUP – Mag Pick-up Pen

    • Product Code: MAGPICKUP
    • Pen Diameter : 6.35mm
    • Pen Length: 126mm
    • Extended pick-up Length: 650mm
    • Colour: Silver or Black
    • These chrome plated Telescopic Pens have a strong rare earth magnet on the end for retrieving steel objects.                                        ( See the image above of  the pen holding a heavy pair of scissors )
    • The handy pocket clip means it can be carried in the pocket just like other writing pens.
    • Can also be used as a pointer when giving a presentation.
    $3.50 - $4.95 INC GST Select options