Whilst Fastmag do not sell Magnetic Therapy products, we recommend that the use of all magnetic therapy products should be discontinued for people with pace makers, nursing mothers, and also during pregnancy.

Magnets are capable of erasing the information stored on Computer Disks, Video Tapes, Audio Tapes, Credit, Debit Cards, and can also cause damage to Television Screens, and other sensitive equipment. Please do not place magnetic products on or near any of the above.

Keep Rare Earth Magnets or Neodymium Magnets away from small children, two magnets can snap together so quickly they will break a finger, and when swallow can cause severe medical complications.

Rare Earth Magnets or Neodymium Magnets are very brittle, do not allow two to come close without maintaining a very secure grip since they can leap out of your hand, snap together and shatter causing risk of damage to the eyes.