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Magnetic Therapy Information

  • Advanced Magnetic Research Institute of Pennsylvania - Magnetic Molecular Energizing (MME) is a research treatment for Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, MS, CP, brain injury, post stroke impairment, spinal cord injury, CHF and Ortho-degenerative disorders.
  • Biomagnetic Therapy Association - Committed to quality education, scientific research, and professional support.
  • InnerSelf - William H. Philpott, M.D., has specialty training and practice in psychiatry, electroencephalography, neurology, nutrition, environmental medicine, and toxicology. After 40 years of medical practice, Dr. Philpott retired in 1990 to engage in research as Chairman of the Independent Institutional Review Board. In this capacity, he guides physicians gathering data on the treatment and prevention of degenerative diseases using magnetic therapy.
  • Magnetic and Electromagnetic Therapy - Analysis by David W. Ramey published in the Scientific Review of Alternative Medicine.
  • Magnetic Science - Using Magnets for Health, Preventative, Alternative, and Complimentary Health Care with Health Magnets, and how and why magnets work on living systems.
  • Magnetic Therapy - Quack Watch article by Stephen Barrett, M.D.
  • Provet Health Care Information - There is growing interest in the application of magnetic forces on healing in a variety of tissues including bone and nerves.
  • Spine Universe - Magnet Therapy Attracts People Who Suffer Pain, an orthopedic surgeon discusses the use of magnets or bio-magnets in relieving back, neck, arm, and leg pain.
Neodymium Rare Earth Magnet
Rare Earth Disc
D 22mm x T 10mm
Small but Strong!
Was $12.00
Now $8.50
Pull Strength
Neodymium Rare Earth Magnet

The Pull Force is the force required to pull a magnet free from a flat steel plate using force perpendicular to the surface. This is the standard for testing  magnet pull strength. Air gaps and changes in surface material will substantially reduce the effectiveness of the pull force, or pull strength of the magnet.

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