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Magnets and our Body

For hundreds of years people have known of the beneficial effects of magnetism on the human body. There is no doubting that the placement of permanent magnets on or near a person's body makes them feel good. Magnets are a completely safe and natural product. Magnets are non invasive, totally reusable, last for decades, and you only have to pay once. Therapeutic Magnets have been used for centuries as a treatment for many ailments. Magnets are also commonly used for pain relief and for a sense of general well being. Natural magnets or lodestones as these were known as in times gone by, have been documented over thousands of years in relation to the treatment of pain and disease in many ancient cultures and civilizations.

It is only in recent times that magnetic therapy has been seen as an "alternative treatment". This is because it flies in the face of the more modern "quick fix drug culture" that is so prevalent in today's society. When in fact our modern drugs and treatments should really be the products that are labeled as "alternative treatments". This is because when compared to magnetic therapy, these new drugs often only offer short term relief and are relatively new and untested by the passage of time. Modern dugs can also be addictive and often have severe side effects.

It is common knowledge that the Earth itself is a giant magnet. We can't see its magnetic field, we can't touch it, we can't hear it, we can't even smell it, but with sophisticated equipment we can measure it and prove its existence beyond doubt. Just like every other magnet, the Earth has both North and South poles and the magnetic field strongly influences almost everything around us. Things like the weather, our environment, our water, our food, including meat, vegetables, fruit, dairy products and everything else that we put into our body. In fact the Earth's magnetic field influences our environment in countless ways to the extent that our very health and existence strongly depends on these magnetic fields.

Most people would not be surprised to know that the Sun also has a magnetic influence on our lives. Just like the Earth it too has strong magnetic fields. The Sun's surface is made from a layer of molten material; that is regularly erupting with huge explosions known as magnetic sunspots. Scientists have studied these sunspots over many years. Their research has shown that when sunspots explode, the magnetic energy levels are altered dramatically. There is strong evidence that sunspots affect us in a very strange way. By monitoring the occurrence of sunspots over many years and comparing these with hospital records from around the world, scientists have discovered that periods of sunspot activity correlate with periods where records show a remarked increase in accidents and injuries. The vast majority of these injuries are recorded as resulting from daydreaming or a lack of concentration. This research indicates the possible existence of a link between human behaviour and the Sun's magnetic energy.

Over the past 100 years or so man has become extremely knowledgeable in the endless pursuit of of scientific excellence. With numerous inventions and discoveries such as electric energy (high tension power lines), radio waves, micro waves, television, mobile phones, remote controls, to name just a few, our scientists have undoubtedly helped us in countless ways to go about our everyday lives. They have changed our society and indeed our lives forever. Unfortunately man hasn't been content to just discover these energies, forces, waves and fields. They have now set about reproducing these in countless variations and in massive quantities throughout the world. The benefits that we receive from these inventions are obvious. On the other hand, what is not so obvious are the long term effects of these new introduced forces, fields, and waves etc. have on our bodies. In particular the effect of deflecting or interrupting the Earth's natural magnetic field.

The jury is still out on exactly how magnetic therapy products help our body and make us feel better. However it is generally accepted that our body draws some benefit from the Earth's magnetic field. It stands to reason that if this field is interrupted and perhaps even corrupted before it reaches our body, then the benefit we receive will be at the least diminished and quite possibly non-existent. The theory is that when we place permanent magnets near our body, we are able to draw on the magnetic field created  thus replacing the magnetic energy that we should be absorbing from the Earth. This is said to restore the balance within our body and therefore allow us to function at our optimum level. This line of thought is backed up by N. A. S. A.. Astronauts in the early space missions regularly complained of muscle soreness. Medical examinations also revealed a loss of bone density. even after short periods away from Earth. This was originally thought to be caused by the absence of gravity, however, it was later found to be resulting from a total lack of the Earth's magnetic field. This problem was easily solved by the placement of magnets in both the spacecraft and spacesuits.

Magnets are also often used in the relief of pain. Many people claim to feel a dramatic reduction and often a total elimination of both acute and chronic aches and pains. The evidence is anecdotal, however, it does indicate that magnets are extremely effective on most types of pain for a large percentage of the people who used these in their treatment. Recent research suggests that magnetic energy increases the body's ability to produce endorphins. These endorphins are the body's natural pain killer. It stands to reason the more endorphins our body produces, the less pain we feel. Research also shoes that magnetic fields dilate our capillaries and in doing so dramatically enhances our blood flow to the affected region of the body. Our blood caries many of tools that our body needs to repair itself. Good circulation is also essential in the process of removing toxins from our body. Fresh oxygenated blood is instrumental in flushing our body clean, and assisting in the removal of lactic acid and toxins that are associated with disease. This in turn enhances our body's healing process resulting in a reduction in the time that our body takes to recover from illness or injury.

The two main goals of magnetic healing are to speed healing and reduce pain.  In terms of healing an area of the body, magnets are placed either on or near the body, and it's believed that the magnets act to stimulate the cellular and chemical area where the healing is to occur. That is, blood is accelerated to the area, which increases the oxygenation of the blood and dilates the blood vessels, providing additional oxygen and nutrients to the place in need of healing. In terms of reducing pain, some doctors believe that pain reduction with magnets works similarly to using a heating pad. The magnets are again placed on or near the body, and are used to stimulate nerve endings by acting to interrupt pain signals to the brain. The difference is that heat treatment can be more intense, while magnetic healing is more constant. So, while you can't wear a heating pad for hours at a time, you can wear a magnetic bracelet every day.

Neodymium Rare Earth Magnet
Rare Earth Disc
D 22mm x T 10mm
Small but Strong!
Was $12.00
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Pull Strength
Neodymium Rare Earth Magnet

The Pull Force is the force required to pull a magnet free from a flat steel plate using force perpendicular to the surface. This is the standard for testing  magnet pull strength. Air gaps and changes in surface material will substantially reduce the effectiveness of the pull force, or pull strength of the magnet.

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